What is Computer Technology?


Computer Technology is the study of the hardware and software that are the foundations of modern computer systems. Computers are now a fundamental part of everyday lives, controlling everything from toasters to nuclear power stations. The need to build and deploy effective computing infrastructure is now crucial to business and other organisations.


Operating systems are computer programs that control computers - allowing us to store information and run application software. They must support new hardware with multiple processors, ever faster and larger memories and a myriad of accessories and add-ons. You’ll go beyond Microsoft Windows to learn about alternative operating systems, how operating systems work, and how to set up secure systems.


Modern computer systems depend on the networks that interconnect them. Once built on telephone lines, these networks now run on optical fi bres and carry millions of voice and video conversations. The demand for people who have the skills to build new and better networks is ever expanding; today’s applications require more speed, mobility, reliability and capacity than yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s networks will even more. You’ll gain those skills - learning from networks lecturers who have signifi cant industry experience themselves, and who can show you cutting-edge research and development in this field.