PV nano cell’s sicrys and how it can change Solar PV technology

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Globally the price of solar pv technology for consumers has been decreasing thanks in no small part to improvements in high speed automated manufacturing techniques and some improvements in efficiency. Even with these improvements the payback for residential or commercial solar pv systems is often over 6 years depending on the location,cost of electricity and government incentives offered.

What we really need to significantly drop this price and ensure fast global adoption of solar energy is a step change in efficiency and a reduction in the cost of installation.There are many companies work on just those issues and here is one namely PN Nano Cell.


PV nano cells sicrys 02 TESLA Institute

PV Nanocell solar cell technology


Currently, the company has copper- and silver-based Nano Inks that offer high performance at low costs. When applied to solar cells, these Nano PV inks promise to increase their efficiency which should then lead to decreased energy-generation costs.



PV Nano Cell

A company based in Israel, PV Nano Cell has been a major player in the printed electronics industry. It was founded in 2009 and quickly established itself in a very competitive market with its Sicrys line of single crystal Nano-Inks using the latest in nanotechnology. These were first used on solar PVs and became the go-to ink for a large number of solar cell manufacturers due to how efficient, conductive, and reliable they were. Just recently, the company has been making waves again with the development of the world’s first copper-based nano-metric ink solution. This is a great alternative for manufacturers/OEMs who want an affordable ink solution that can be used on industrial inkjet printers while still maintaining (in some cases improving) the results that can be had with silver ink. In addition to the copper-based nano-metric ink solution, the company is still researching and developing other technologies in its growing IP portfolio.

How Sicrys Nano Inks Can Change the Manufacture and Acquisition of Solar PVs

The US’s solar PV industry is rapidly growing with more people deciding to make the switch to solar energy. With the announcement that PV Nano Cell is going to expand its presence in the country, there is a chance that the price of solar cells will become more affordable. Manufacturers who make use of the company’s Sicrys Nano PV inks can now afford to cut lower their prices and eventually allowing more people to access to solar PV technology. And it’s not just the solar PV industry that will benefit from this PV Nano Cell’s revolutionary ink solutions. Just about any company that makes use of printed electronics will find PV Nano Cell’s expansion as a boon to their business.

Will Our Future Be Cleaner?

Having more solar cells/PVs in the hands of consumers or businesses will mean lesser dependence on fossil fuels. This will result in a lowered carbon footprint and better chances of survival for humanity in the future. PV Nano Cell’s Nano PV inks alone won’t be able to totally lower the costs of manufacturing solar cells/PV though. Solar PV technology still has a long way to go before it can supplant present power generators that rely heavily on fossil fuels to produce electricity. A cleaner future is indeed a possibility. The question here really is: when is that possibility going to become a reality? Hopefully, we will still be alive when the world will cease to rely on dirty energy and make use of solar as well as other renewable alternative energy sources. For now though we can only wait in anticipation as PV Nano Cell and other companies in this burgeoning industry continuously innovate and improve on the technologies available to them.