BioSolar Could Lower the Cost of Solar Power with Energy Storage Technology - TESLA Institute 


Since solar energy is only available during the day and naturally sporadic because of weather and clouds, a large capacity and fast charge-discharge energy storage system is needed to quickly store the energy of the sun so that it can be used anytime – day or night. Therefore, solar energy storage systems need battery banks with high specific energy (Wh/Kg) to store as much energy as possible without increased size.


BioSolar Could Lower the Cost of Solar Power with Energy Storage Technology - TESLA Institute


At the same time, the system needs to provide high specific power (mAh/g) for fast charge to harvest as much energy as possible when the sunlight is available. Most importantly, the system should be able to handle large number of charge-discharge cycles possible before requiring battery replacement.

Dr. David Lee, the company’s CEO said, “Existing battery technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, are good for longer-term energy storage, but cannot be charged or discharged rapidly. Furthermore, batteries have limited charge-discharge life cycles resulting in premature capacity degradation over relatively short time span. By integrating our BioSuperCap, a low cost polymer-based supercapacitor, as the front-end to battery banks, fewer batteries can be used, and daytime solar energy can be quickly and cost-effectively stored for nighttime use at a substantially lower cost. The combined system also will be able to handle much larger number of charge-discharge cycles resulting in substantially longer battery life.”

The company previously announced record performance for its low cost energy storage supercapacitor. BioSuperCap, a next generation supercapacitor based on inexpensive conducting polymers that can reduce the cost of storing the energy of the sun, has demonstrated stability for 50,000 charge-discharge cycles, which is more than 10 times better than reported for polymer-hybrid supercapacitors.


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