Microcontrollers Programming Course with Simulator - Part 1

Microcontrollers Course TESLA INSTITUTE


This is first part of TESLA Microcontrollers Programming Course with Simulator.

What do you need to start with this coure ?

1. Basic knowledge about electricity, electric and elctronics components, symbols, and circiuits
2. Simulations Software - You will download it form TESLA INSTITUTE website
3. Microcontroller Programming Tool - also will be available ont TESLAINSTITUTE website

At beginnig You have to download TESLA Microcontroller Simulator software and to check how it works on your equipment (PC computer, laptop).

Here can you downlaod TESLA Microcontroller Simulation software

After download unpack zip file (it is ziped with all directory structure) and run file TESLA_INSTITUTE_uCSimu.exe


In uC_Course folder we will save all our course projects.

About all your experiences and any problems we will discuss on special

Facebook Group: TESLA INSTITUTE - Questions Forum

This is link for this group: TESLA INSTITUTE - Questions Forum

You should to join to this course group and take part in dis.

Now let's start and good luck.

Informatons about next parts of this course will be publish on TESLA INSTITUTE

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