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   7 Series FPGAs Configuration - User Guide
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 176
   7 Series FPGAs Packaging and Pinout - Product Specification
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 288
   A High-Performance, Pipelined, FPGA-Based Genetic Algorithm Machine
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 28
   A Radiation Hardened Reconfigurable FPGA
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 10
   Achieving High Performance with FPGA-Based Computing
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 8
   Advanced FPGA Design
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 46
   Analog Solutions for XILINX FPGAs - Product Guide
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 36
   Architecture of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 17
   Architecture of FPGAs and CPLDs - A Tutorial
   Stephen Brown, Jonathan Rose
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 41
   ATmega32 Data Sheet
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 346
   Basics Of Field Programmable Gate Arrays
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 11
   Basys 3 FPGA Board Reference Manual
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 19
   Boosting XML Filtering with a Scalable FPGA-based Architecture
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 9
   Circuit Design with VHDL
   Volnei A. Pedroni
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 376
   Design and Implementation of FPGA-Based Systems - A Review
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 23
   Digital Circuit Design Using Xilinx ISE Tools
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 50
   Digital Electronics - Principles, Devices and Applications
   Anil K. Maini
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 741
   Digitale Signalverarbeitung mit Fpga
   Jens Onno Krah
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 156
   DLP-FPGA Module
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 10
   Embedded Systems Design with Platform FPGAs - Principles and Practices
   Ron Sass, Andrew G. Schmidt
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 409
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 24
   FPGA Acceleration by Dynamically-Loaded Hardware Libraries
   Andrea Lomuscio, Alberto Nannarelli, Marco Re
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 20
   FPGA and CPLD Architectures - A Tutotial
   S. Brown
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 16
   FPGA Architecture - Survey and Challenges
   Ian Kuon, Russell Tessier, and Jonathan Rose
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 119
   FPGA Based Multi-Robot Reciprocal Collision Avoidance
   Roopak Dubey
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 57
   FPGA Basics Manuals
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 22
   FPGA Design Automation - A Survey
   Deming Chen, Jason Cong, Peichen Pan
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 137
   FPGA Implementation of Diversity and Spatial Multiplexing for MIMO Free Space Optical Interconnects
   Mihnea-Elian Dumitru
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 61
   FPGA Prototyping by VERILOG Examples - Xilinx SpartanTM-3V ersion
   Pong P. Chu
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 521
   FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples - Xilinx Spartantm-3 Version
   Pong P. Chu
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 471
   FPGA-Enhanced Data Processing Systems
   Louis Woods
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 211
   FPGAs!? Now What? - Learning FPGA Design with the XuLA Board
   Dave Vandenbout
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 146
   Geschichte und Einführung in Aufbau und Arbeitsweise von FPGA
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 16
   How to Use Free Software in FPGA Embedded Designs
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 4
   Introducing the Spartan 3E FPGA and VHDL
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 130
   Introduction to Digital Design Using Digilent FPGA Boards - Block Diagram / VHDL Examples
   Richard E. Haskell, Darrin M. Hanna
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 124
   Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays
   Robert Trausmuth
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 38
   Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 29
   Introduction to FPGA
   Guan-Lin Wu
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 37
   Introduction to FPGA design
   J. Serrano
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 17
   Introduction to FPGA technology and programmable logic
   J. K. Bekkeng
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 55
   Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing
   Victor Eijkhout
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 535
   My First FPGA Design Tutorial
   Altera Corporation
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 52
   Neural Network Design (2nd Edition)
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 1012
   NI Digital Electronics FPGA Board - User Manual
   National Instruments
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 52
   PID Controller usind FPGA Technology
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 19
   Programmable Logic Design - Quic Start Hand Book
   K. Parnell, N. Mehta
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 225
   Programmable Logic Design - Quic Start Hand Book
   K. Parnell, N. Mehta
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 210
   Putting FPGAs to Work in Software Radio Systems (Sixth Edition)
   Rodger H. Hosking
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 72
   Reconfigurable Computing The Theory and Practice of FPGA-Based Computation
   Scott Hauck, Andr´e DeHon
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 945
   Sorting Networks on FPGAs
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 25
   Spartan-3A FPGA Family - Data Sheet
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 132
   Spartan-3E FPGA Family - Data Sheet
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 227
   Spartan-II FPGA Family - Data Sheet
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 99
   Systems Design Flow using Altera’s FPGA Development Board (DE2-115 T-Pad)
   Ankita Goel, Hamid Mahmoodi
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 107
   The Design Warrior's Guide to FPGAs - Devices, Tools and Flows
   Clive Maxfield
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 560
   The VHDL Cookbook (First Edition)
   Peter J. Ashenden
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 111
   Three Ages of FPGAs: A Retrospective on the First Thirty Years of FPGA Technology
   S.M. Trimberger
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 14
   Verilog Hardware Description Language
   Chu Yu
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 104
   VHDL - Programming by Example (Fourth Edition)
   Douglas L. Perry
   Category:  FPGA          Pages: 497