4 Ways To Save Electricity


For many people, electricity is still quite mysterious and the concept of saving electricity is quite abstract. For example, we all know that we should turn lights off when we leave a room to save electricity but this is at odd with how we feel. Having a bright room makes us feel safer, warmer and happier, even if we are wasting electricity. Even if you don’t know your amps from your volts, here are four tips that will help you save electricity effortlessly.

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1. Buy a Home Energy Monitor

Homeowners who buy and install home energy monitors can drastically reduce the amount of electricity you use. These monitors are hand-held devices that help you keep track of your electricity usage. An electrician can point you towards a good-value monitor and help you set it up in your home. Why are monitors so effective at changing peoples’ habits? They can be programmed to show you, in dollars, exactly how much every electrical appliance costs you, from your kettle to your air conditioner. Having a meter changes your behavior because you make smarter decisions about the amount of electricity you are using.

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2. Get Rebates For Your Old Electrical Appliances

Old electrical appliances almost always use more electricity than new ones. In other words, modern appliances are more energy efficient. Wherever you live, there will be a government-sponsored appliance rebate program near you. The official U.S. Department of Energy(DOE) website shows all of the ‘Approved Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Programs’ available different areas. Click here and you’ll see a box into which you can enter your state. This helps you find tax credits, savings and rebates in your area. Even if you know nothing about electricity, ditching your old appliances for cash is a smart move.


3. Choose Energy Star Rated Appliances



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We all need to buy new appliances from time to time. You don’t need to know anything about electricity to figure out that you should be buying appliances with an Energy Star sticker. A report by the U.S. DOE explains that the goals of ENERGY STAR are to help consumers ‘save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products’. The government has taken all the guesswork out of saving electricity. Simply look out for appliances with the Energy Star sticker. These appliances are guaranteed to conserve electricity even without you having to try.



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4. Create An Electrical Home Protection Plan

According to the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI), well-serviced electrical appliances can ‘use up to 60 percent less energy than neglected appliances’. Although the HRAI were referring to electric furnaces, air conditioners and refrigerators in that statement, it applies equally to all electrical appliances in your home. Angie’s List is a membership service that compiles consumer ratings of local service companies and contractors in multiple cities across the United States and can help you find an electrician in your area. Asking for a ‘home protection plan’ is the easiest way to save electricity even if you can’t tell your plugs from your power outlets. Protection plans means that an electrician will check your home’s wiring and appliances and guarantee that they are safe. This ensures everything uses no more electricity than it has to and ultimately saves you money.