10 reasons why you should learn electronics

 10 reasons why you should learn electronics 01


Electronics surrounds us at everywhere. Thanks to new technologies and easier access to information, more and more people are interested in electronics and DIY.


You do not know if it is worth to start learning electronics? Here's a list of reasons that should convince you. There are several tips on how to get started!


Electronics is a science on which a large part of the world around us is based. Every day we have contact with new technology. We are always with our smartphones and computers. Devices become cheaper, smaller and more efficient. Unfortunately, instead of repairing the damaged equipment, we replace it with a new one, because miniaturization does not make it easier to repair it. In connection with this, the question arises, is it worth to learn electronics at this time?
In my opinion, definitely yes! Regardless of whether we think about electronics as a hobby or whether we associate our future with it. Below I have collected 10 reasons that should convince everyone that it is worth entering the world of electronics!

 10 reasons why you should learn electronics 02


1. Learning electronics is fun

Beginnings can be difficult. It is enough, however, to get to know the basics of electronics well, which are the same all the time. Once you master in practice how to use resistors, capacitors and transistors, and this knowledge will be important over the years! What is important, you do not have to "bury" any boring theory!


Electronic projects have to be tested in practice.

We learn, practice and have fun. It gives a lot of satisfaction!


The basic elements are used in practically every project, so thanks to the practice you will not forget what you learned earlier - on the contrary you will consolidate your knowledge!

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2. You will be able to repair simple devices

Once you get to know the electronics you will be able to do many quick repairs. Often the argument is even the replacement of a damaged jack connector in the headphones or a broken USB port. Another good example is the replacement of old capacitors in PC boards.

A few moments with a soldering iron can save expensive equipment. Even if the repair is not successful, you will know that the purchase of a new device is already justified!

3. You will build even the strangest device


With the right skills, you'll be able to build any device you invent. A simple robot, aquarium controller or a glowing decoration will not be a problem for you.


The only limit is the imagination, so you can make any project, even the most absurd one. You do not believe? Below you can see a pen that starts using a dedicated application on your phone!


4. Electronics gives more and more possibilities


The basics are unchangeable, but new tools and hardware platforms are constantly emerging that allow you to create more interesting projects. Adventure with electronics never ends. Continuous development and emerging new opportunities in the world of electronics, cause that it can become a passion for years.

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Arduino UNO

A great example is Arduino, which appeared on the market only a few years ago and quickly became an extremely popular platform for learning programming. With its help, everyone can create complex "intelligent" electronic devices that communicate with the outside world. More about this platform can be found in the Arduino basic course.


5. You will join an interesting community

More and more people are interested in electronics. You will join the group of interesting community that combines hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts and professionals. You will be able to learn from your older colleagues' experiences, show your projects to others, and in case of problems you will find people willing to help.


6. You will train logical thinking

Electronics develops the skills of logical and abstract thinking. This science is to a large extent based on the laws of physics and mathematics, whereas their application in practice requires creative thinking.

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Developing interests in the field of electronics teaches patience and consistency in pursuing a goal. Building your own projects is a great training in coping with difficult situations and solving encountered problems.

7. Electronics is a cheap hobby

Of course, very expensive components and tools are available on the market. You do not have to buy them, certainly not at the beginning! Simple elements, battery and universal meter are enough to know the basics. A set of elements that will allow you to learn the most important foundations.

Thanks to the low cost of "entry" into electronics you will be able to quickly assess whether it is an activity for you. If not, you will save yourself from unnecessary spending of large amounts, just as you can with another hobby.

8. Electronics teaches accuracy and diligence

As with any technical field, playing with electronics requires diligence and accuracy in action. Therefore, when you create new projects, you develop these qualities. With time, you will learn that it is worth to act calmly and in accordance with the prepared plan

Creating electronic circuits, often with microscopic elements,it also helps to develop manual skills.

9. You will use your knowledge in other areas

Mastering basic information in the field of electronics facilitates development in other areas. You can easily combine several of your passions. Are you interested in plants? You will be able to build a device for automatic watering or care of plants. Example:

Is IT your passion? Instead of writing another program that works only on your computer screen you can revive the electronic device. You will create a program that moves motors, blinks with diodes, uses external sensors. Learning programming in this way gives you even more satisfaction!

10. Electronics does not have to be just a hobby

The world is moving forward all the time. More electronics and programmers are needed. Specialists are now a desirable professional group that can not complain about earnings. So you will not be financially dependent on your cat.

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How to enter the world of electronics? Learning through practice!

 We can start our adventure with electronics from our courses, which deal with the basics of electronics and programming.

You will find everything you need is new electronics adepts, also those who are interested in Arduino or Raspberry Pi!

You will receive all the materials needed for learning for free.

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