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about TI 001

CT01000 001


Course duration: 800 hours

EE02000 002

CT01000 002     CT01000 002

CT01000 002CT01000 002

CT01000 002     CT01000 002

CT01000 002     CT01000 002


CT01000 010

We live in an information society. Fast, efficient acquisition, processing and transfer of information is necessary in the modern world. In the past, if you were looking for information, you had to use an encyclopedia, books, library collections. Today everything happens much faster. The information can be transmitted from one continent to the other in one moment, you can find it in a short time, using even the internet. If you are interested in computer science and network communication, you like working at a computer - this course is for you.

CT01000 011


CT01000 012

IT profession is perceived as a profession that guarantees employment both at home and abroad. It is characterized by universality, i.e. it can be performed not only in specialized IT companies, but also where IT is introduced.
By choosing this course you will gain wide knowledge and skills provided to you by experienced teachers who have a lot of practical knowledge. You will learn how to programmming computers using advanced programming environments.CT01000 013

You will learn advanced support for many commonly used applications, design databases, you will easily create websites, manage network systems and servers (Windows and Linux).
You will learn the structure and functions of computer components. In the course, students perform a lot of practical projects. The knowledge of our graduates is also highly rated by university lecturers in faculties associated with computer technology.


CT01000 014


CT01000 015

It installs, runs machinery and electrical equipment based on technical documentation. Performs and runs electrical installations based on technical documentation. Evaluates the technical condition of machines, devices and electrical installations after assembly based on measurements. It assembles control, regulation and protection systems for machines and electronic equipment based on technical documentation. 

CT01000 016


CT01000 017

Graduates of this course can look for work in various companies. The possibilities are huge and certainly much bigger than in other competitions. It is obvious that IT specialists find employment not only in IT companies, but also have positions in servicing systems of companies from various industries. Among them can be:

     -  computing centers
     -  institutions involved in the creation and operation of computer software
     -  companies selling computer equipment
     -  companies installing software and computer networks
     -  service points for computer equipment
     -  publishing houses and printing houses
     -  graphic and sound studios
     -  television and film studios
     -  enterprises and institutions using computers


EE02000 020

In TESLA INSTITUTE school model, we focus more on practical knowledge and usable skills in future work. We base on the best experience from German's industry and German's service companies.
We can give you maximum knowledge and more skills in shorter time in comparison to regular and formal colleges.

CT01000 019

We will teach you the most basic knowledge, what you really need to be able to do the best work, besides we will teach you the latest knowledge from German industry.

You will acquire knowledge, skills and feel more comfortable working in the international environment. We guarantee that your course of studying and practising will be extremely practical and useful for you. We help you to fulfill your dreams and passions. Help you open the big door for the future of your life. You will be able to study in your own country at a reasonable cost (only 1/25 if you have to go to Germany).

With less expensive tuition fees than your extra classes in Maths and Literature in your local school yet, you will have access to advanced science and extremely practical to help you stand on your own feet.

We look forward to helping you with your dream        

CT01000 020


 EEE0100 016

      -  Neccesary theory lecturesabout TI 016
      -  Educational videos
      -  Practical excercises
      -  Experiments in a Virtual Laboratory
      -  Actual circuits in Laboratory
      -  Actual projects





EE02000 023

No matter who you are and how old you are. You can be a student of secondary school, high school, univercity or you can be already an employee, who thinks about a new better job. If you want to get a new profession or change the current one, this course is exactly for you. You do not need any special starting knowledge. We will teach all what you need in it.

CT01000 021

But you have to know this course is not for all. You must be a person who likes the technique and is interested in it. You like and want to tinker. You always wanted to know how things work and how they are built..You can think logically and draw correct conclusions. Mathematics and physics did not scare you at school. You like to solve technical problems. If you think that you meet the criteria above, this course is for you

CT01000 022


EE02000 024

The candidate for the profession Automation Technician should have a technical and constructive sense, the ability of abstract thinking, the ability to do science, such as mathematics and physics, good memory. Accuracy and regularity are necessary. Automation Technician must also keep up to date with technical innovations.
Automation Technician should be characterized by meticulousness, patience, ingenuity, creativity. These features are very useful, for example in the creation of machine designs or in the preparation of design concepts.

CT01000 023


CT01000 024


EE02000 025

Answer the following questions:

     - Are you interested in electronic devices and computer technology ?
     - Do you like science subjects (mathematics, physics) ?
     - Do you have a creative, analytical and logical mind ?
     - Do you like to work sonically ?
     - Can you predict the consequences of the decisions made ?
     - Are you accurate and systematic ?
     - Do you have a good concentration of attention ?
     - Can you clearly and precisely formulate thoughts ?
     - Are you ready to constantly develop and enrich your own knowledge ?
     - Do you like innovation ?


Calculation of results
You receive 1 point for each YES answer. Count your points and find out if this is the profession for you.

Scoring 7-10
Your predisposition indicates that this is a profession that you can take into account in your choices.

Scoring 6-4
You can consider this choice, but think about it - there may be professions better suited to your abilities and predispositions.

Scoring 3-0
Work on your skills or talk with a career counselor about which job you would feel best at.


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 CT01000 025


about TI 026